Bigger is better!

Posted 7/12/2015

Rotational Curing procedure allows to develop Rubber Sheet Rolls with technically unlimited Sheet Length, thus minimizing joints & preventing wastage.

Following the advancement in mechanics are team of enthusiastic members able to develop Rubber Sheet in unlimited long lengths. This minimizes wastage of material thus saving money. New Technology also made grading of end products easy & reliable, enabling to follow a more professional approach towards working style of organization. 

Today, when every business is going online & boundaries of counties getting diminish, it is very important for a company to keep awake & ready to accept any new advancement to face challenges.


Features of Rubber Sheet Rolls:

  • Minimizes joints
  • Excellent glossy finish.
  • Even thickness throughout a roll.
  • Able to manufacture all type of compounds such as Neoprene, silicone, EPDM, Viton, Nitrile.
  • Fabric reinforcements made easy, in single or multiple layer.
  • No holes, pits or air trapping in sheets.
  • Smooth surface, Shinny & rugged.
  • Designs anti-skid or decorative is now available.
  • Economical & easy storage.


These features is really a breakthrough in Rubber Processing Industry. helping to keep a pace with time & ever growing International competition.

Normally the width of rubber Sheet is up to 1.2mters & Length 10meters but can be made available in up to 2mter width & Long length. Customization is also possible as per customer's or Project Requirement.


While narrating the whole story the out comings is the use of latest machines can help us cope with the competitive Chinese Products which are based on mostly “cheap & lucrative Finish Products”.