Posted 4/29/2015

Natural Rubber Possess high elastic properties which holds to be true even after recycling the primary product. Generally used & damaged rubber tyres & tubes are powdered or reclaimed & used again. Other Products such as Rubber mats, Footwear, gaskets, sports goods, car & door mats, anti vibration pads are manufactured using up to 100% recycled compound. Although scientists are not yet completely successful in converting used  rubber product in original raw state but still able to attain atleast 60% features of virgin Compound.


Tyre/Tube Recycling procedure:

Used tyres are first washed with water based biodegradable preparation then send to the shredder, which have two rolls of large teeth this grinds up the tyre in small pieces of  few inch size. Metal pieces present in it are magnetically separated which are send to other factory for recycling. Other ingredients of tyre such as nylon & fibreglass are also need to be separated, they use a shifter to remove unwanted matter.  Remaining Rubber particles counts up to 2.5mm size, which further supplied to second shredder to be reduced to  smaller particles, The final product is fine Power like material which is mix with Raw rubber & compounded to make new Rubber Products.


The general procedure of recycling Tube is also similar but the final product is not power as in case of tyre rather sheets called reclaimed Sheets. The shredded pieces of tube are churn on mixing mill by adding Synthetic oil the doe thus obtained are put in a vulcanized & jet of steam is passed for few hours  under certain pressure. The final product is passed though Calendar machine & thin sheets are prepared & packed.


Why it is Important:

With the increment in Automobiles & industrial cranes Recycling rubber is very important both environmentally & economically. Thousands are worn out tyre are thrown each day which otherwise would be a disaster for Nature.