Uses of Rubber & Its Derivatives

Posted 4/14/2015


Like metals & non metallic products, we are dependent for Elastomeric Products a lot. Knowingly or unknowingly we have a greater importance of Rubber Products in our Life. Some of them are summed up below.

Anti Abrasive & highly elastic Natural Rubber sheets are used in Sports utilities such as in tennis balls, Table Tennis rackets, Foot Ball, Volleyball, Basketball, squash balls.

Rescue Boats, Life Boats, Gliders, Under water Diving Suits, Parasuits, Gum Boots are generally made from Hyplon or Neoprene Coated Fabrics, fabricated in desired shape, fabric gives strength to Rubber.

Electrical Safety Mats, Safety Shoes, Hand Gloves are made from EPDM or NBR Rubber Compound. Often, devices are rubber coating knowing the face Rubber is a bad conductor of electricity.

So many day to day use items such as Purses, wallets, Slippers, door mats, Flooring, Wipers, Tyres & tubes, Waist Belt uses rubber in one way or the other.

Industrial application of rubber & its derivates are abundant such as gaskets, packing seals, beading, hoses, V-belts, Rubber Sheets, Conveyor belts, Rollers, stamps.

There are several substitutes for metals, plastics are known but hardly any for Rubber. Over past decades Science & technology have taken a gigantic leap, changing the way we used to see things but Elastomer whether natural or artificial kept their importance unchallenged.