Diaphragm Rubber Sheets or Fabric Reinforced Rubber Sheets have one or more ply/insertion/reinforcement of Nylon Fabric between outer layers of Neoprene/Nitrile/Silicone Rubber Compound. This provides Strength to Rubber Pertaining to high Hydraulic or Pneumatic Pressure.diaphragm rubber sheet

  • Width      -up to 1500mm.
  • Length     -up to 10mtr.
  • Thickness -0.3mm to 50mm.
  • Pressure    -up to 100Bar.
  • Reinforcement- with reinforcement.
  • Colour       -Black, White.
  • Application -Oil Seals, Valves, Flange gaskets, Gas Masks.

High Pressure bearable canvas Rubber Sheets are widely use as packing material between to metallic components also it can sustain Air, Water, Fluid pressure up to 40Bar. Single or miulti layer of Steel Wire Mesh reinforcement is provided for pressure above 40Bar. 

It is very important to keep thickness of diaphragm sheets intact, as even a small variation in thickness of say 0.2mm in 0.5mm thick diaphragm sheet can cause leakage or failure of entire system.

We generally keep ready stocks of  Diaphragm Sheeting in 0.3mm to 50mm thickness with Heavy Duty Nylon Fabric insertion.