Electric Current Insulating Rubber Mats are manufactured by us for safety up to 65KV. Available in 2mm, 2.5mm & 3mm thickness with anti-skid design on top &smooth at bottom. These Mats safeguard life of worker, working with Electric control panels, switchgear or with live electrical appliances in case of any leakage of current.Electrical Insulating mats

Endurance & cumulative approach of electro mechanical professionals bring forth the most safest protect till time.  Synthetic Material eradicate all the ills bound to traditional  Rubber Matting, which continue to be used over decades for electrical Safety Purpose. The major is cracking & abrasion. Primarily the goal of safety products is to sustain High Voltage loads which sometimes exceeds more than it meant for, known as jerk loads.

Safety Mats are made from highly dielectric, Synthetic Material for complete insulation from current as well as long service term. Mats are resistant to Acids, Alkalis, Solvent & wide variety of Oil normally associated with electrical Industry.

Our Voltmat Brand Insulating Mats are Benchmark in Industry because of its acceptance by well known Industries In Power Sector. Our continues efforts & R&D team  make it possible to enjoy market leadership in terms of being a chief & major Insulating mats supplier in India.   

Three classes of mats, covered under this standard are-

          Class A                   AC (Rms)KV=3.3     DC(V)  =240 Thickness =2.0mm
   Class B            AC (Rms)KV=11     DC(V)  =240 Thickness =2.5mm
    Class C         AC (Rms)KV=33  DC(V)  =240 Thickness =3.0mm

Features of Insulating Mats:-

  • Confirms Latest IS:15652-2006 Standard, BIS approved with ISI marking on every meter.
  • Di-electric strength up to 65000V.High Voltage Electrical mat picture
  • Offers a far more Life spun from Traditional thicker Rubber Matting.
  • Fire Retardant.
  • Superior Mechanical Properties, high Tensile & elongation Strength.
  • Resistant to acid, alkalis, transformer oil.
  • Ideally suited for both A.C.  & D.C. Installations.
  • Approved by CPRI (Central Power Research Institute).
  • Available in Roll form, length as per requirement.
  • We are an ISO:9001 certified company & approved Vendor of Insulating Mats by many Indian, Public & Private Organizations.

We also offer Rubber matting as per IEC 61111-2009 & ASTM D147 specifications for International customers. Kindly contact for more information about the said standards. Electro Safe Rubber Matting are also supplied by us in higher thickness for outdoor & heavy human foot & machinery movement areas to maintain minimum safety thickness of mats.