Construction Joints Filler Board / Expansion Joint Sheets

Expansion Joint Filler Board

Finding suitable product for Filling Construction joints is used to be a headache for developers or construction companies because the material to be used should fulfil the basic purpose as well as must of hydrophobic, durable, long lasting, Atmospheric resistant & should be cost effective.

We have now introduced compressible expansion joints filler board, which is cross linked polymer, pre-moulded, compressible joint filler board offering low load transfer.


General Features:

  1. Durable & Long Lasting
  2. Closed cell structure, therefore no water absorption.
  3. Recovers more than 98% after compression for a prominent period.
  4. Good resistance towards chemicals, Oil & solvent.
  5. Rodent proof and bacteria safe,
  6. Most suitable for Sound & Thermal insulation.
  7. Prevents seepage of water across joints.
  8. Economical


  • Tunnels, Bridges, Basements etc.

Size Available:

  • Width x Length-1000mm x 2000mm
  • Thickness- 3mm to 50mm.