EVA Sheets

EVA SHEETS OR EVA FOAM SHEETS are durable Rubber foam material made of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) compound.


EVA foam material are produced in blocks which get sliced into custom thicknesses called EVA foam sheets. Normally the thickness varies from 1mm to 50mm.

sponge rubber sheet

Traditionally EVA foam sheets are mainly meant for shoe insoles, sport goods, Yoga mats, martial art exercises  and vibrating machinery cushioning, toys, educational and handicraft items.


EVA Sheets are a cheap and reliable alternative for Rubber Sponge being light weight, more affordable, durable & long service Life. We offer various Colours & Shades of Sheets in variable sizes & thickness.

Open cell construction of EVA Sponge Sheets, make is appropriate material for water & moisture sucking. For Standard composition, EVA stood 10 on durometer scale.