Neoprene Rubber Rolls


Neoprene is all purpose synthetic rubber material with high level of resistively towards oil, heat, temperature neoprene rubber sheet& ageing. Ideally meant for general purpose Industrial & construction applications.

We offer numerous grade of Chloroprene or Neoprene Rubber available in Sheet or Rolls, ranging from economical to special customized grade based on project requirement.

Standard vulcanized Neoprene is mark 60 to 65 on durometer scale with 300% plus elongation & 1200psi tensile Strength.  We also accept orders from customers based on their technical parameters, which is possible by our R&D team & open system of working.


Material Specifications:

Width 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm OR customized sizes
Length 2mtr, 5mtr, 10mtr OR Long length (rolls)
Thickness 0.5mm to 100mm
Color Black
Surface Smooth
Temperature Range -25° C to +120° C
Specific Gravity 1.3gm/cm3
Reinforcement with or without nylon fabric/steel mesh reinforcement


  1. Neoprene forms strong bonding with metallic components, therefore recommended for oil seals & washers.
  2. Rubber coated fabrics are used in preparation of swimming costumes, boats, life jackets, water tanks, gas holder balloons.
  3. Gaskets of neoprene sheet are used to bond metallic components, thereby eradicating any changes of fluid or gas leakage in between.
  4. Fire Resistant grade Neoprene sheets are used in manufacturing of Safety items.

We keep stringent check on quality of finish products, our team make sure every lot is tested to best of Industry standards before material being delivered to customers. Third party tests are carried periodically by our associated & approved labs to offer fair service.