Water, Chemical & Acid carrying containers are often need to be internally coated with a anti corrosive material to save the metal surface from rust & acid reaction. Rubber is best suited for this property, it is flexible, paste-able & resistant towards whether, heat, chemicals & rust.


The other major reason for choosing rubber is even after prolong use when the coating begins to degrade, only the upper surface which is in direct contact with the solvent get affected while the beneath part remains in excellent condition.

Thin layer of un-vulcanised rubber compound are stick on the internal wall of tankers using synthetic Rubber based adhesives, the material then left to dry & later-on vulcanized using heat or steam pressure. Same procedure is follow to coat pipes, channels, tubes or other allied material.

 We offer premium grade Rubber lining Sheets customized as per project’s requirement. Special Food grade white Rubber compound is used for edible products.

Physical Specifications:

  • Color               - Black, Red, White, Tan
  • Width              - up to 1500mm
  • Length            - Long Length
  • Thickness        - 0.5mm to 50mm


Material is supplier in Neoprene, NR/SBR, EPDM, Silicone, Nitrile Rubber Compound all depends on project & customer's requirement. Customization is also possible at our end to make sure high quality & excellent service life of finished product. We also emphasize of proper packing of material to make sure compound doesn’t get baked in transit.