Silicone is soft, glossy & elastic Rubber material resistant to high temperature of the order of up to 300 desilicone_sheetgree Celsius without Fail. Silicones are also available in Food Grade quality & that’s the reason widely use in Medical applications. FDA approved thin food grade films are manufactured in clean & Hygienic production rooms.

Solid Silicone Sheets counts low on Durometer scale & high in elongation at break. It is compressible & therefore offers high performance for air tight sealing applications.


We offer High Tensile Strength sheets for Vacuum press applications, these sheets are often subjected to  high pressure & therefore should be abrasion resistant. The Sheets for wood veneer purposes are available in up to 5feet width & long length.

  • Width-up to 1500mm.
  • Length- Long Length.
  • Thickness-0.3mm to 50mm.
  • Working Temperature Ranging from -70°C to 250°C.
  • Reinforcement- with or without reinforcement.
  • Colour- Transparent, White, Red in general, others on request.
  • Application- Temperature resistant seals, Steel furnaces, Vacuum press, Medical applications.

Technical Specifications:  Silicone Rubber Sheets are supplied as per following specifications


Specific Gravity (gm / cm 3)

- 1.20 to 1.60


Hardness (Shore A, ±5)

- 40 to 65


Tensile Strength, min (kg / cm 2 )

- 50 to 100


Elongation at break, min(%)

- 200 to 400


Compression Set , at 70°C for 22 hrs (%)

- 40 to 45


Service Temperature Range

- -90°C to +250°C

We also manufacturer Silicone based Profiles, Tubes, Hoses, Mats or Moulded items as per requirements. Customized Silicone based Profile are available at reasonable Price in various colours & as per customer's specification.